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VIDEO: Walls and guns are immoral — unless you're the Hollywood elite, of course

Elijah Schaffer

'Slightly Offens*ve' exposes Hollywood hypocrisy

Image source: Elijah Schaffer

Host of "Slightly Offens*ve," Elijah Schaffer headed to the 2019 Academy Awards Sunday night to expose the hypocritical Hollywood elite who used the award-platform to preach about gun control and the border wall -- all while enjoying the protection of multiple safety barriers and armed law enforcement.

"You have celebrities here who are fighting for gun control. They say that Trump's wall is immoral, while they are separated by over 12 barriers, three check points, and two eight-foot walls," observed Elijah. "So, walls are immoral, unless you need them ... because celebrities know better than the American public."

Watch the video below:

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You can find more from Elijah Schaffer on his YouTube channel Slightly Offens*ve.

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