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Whitlock: Nick Cannon and the racial ploy being used to place black America on the wrong side of the culture war

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Corporate media wants us to believe racism is at the heart of America's fragmentation. The truth is, it's a lack of shared values. The media's fixation on race and racism distracts us from seeing what's obvious.

We've raised at least two generations of young people who reject this country's founding principles and values. Academia and Hollywood have demonized Western Civilization and responsible men.

Last week, celebrity entertainer Nick Cannon told the cast of "The Breakfast Club," a popular urban radio/TV show, that the concept of traditional marriage is racist.

"That's a Eurocentric concept when you think about the idea of you're supposed to have this one person for the rest of your life," Cannon said. "And really that's just to classify property when you think about it."

Cannon, 40, has seven children with four different women. He went on to explain that the women in his relationships are the leaders and decision-makers.

"Those women, and all women, are the ones that open themselves up and say, 'I would like to allow this man into my world and I will birth this child.' It ain't my decision. I'm just following suit," Cannon said.

Nick Cannon is a sperm donor and an ATM, automated teller machine. He basically argued that he's not responsible for the children he creates beyond financial contribution. He rejects the biblical role of man and the biblical construct of marriage. He rejects the founding principles and values of this country and Western Civilization.

He's a typical leftist elitist. He's entitled and irresponsible. I would not want to live in the same neighborhood as Nick Cannon. He's weak. America is filled with weak men, men who want out of the driver's seat, men who spurn responsibility and accountability.

Cannon and others have bought into the concept that male leadership is a white man's burden and white supremacy's best friend. According to the left, if you believe in the values of Western Civilization, you're likely racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, and a closeted member of the KKK.

What if you're just someone who believes in a proven formula of success?

The seven kids-with-four-baby mamas formula has yet to be proven as effective as the seven kids-with-your-wife formula. No formula is full proof. But the data are pretty overwhelming that intact nuclear families produce strong kids and cohesive, safe neighborhoods, cities, states, and societies. Neighborhoods with high concentrations of broken families are generally beset with pathologies.

Cannon should know this. He grew up in dysfunction. His grandfather raised him in San Diego.

I'm outraged by Cannon's comments because I realize the Left has convinced black people to adopt Cannon's point of view. The Left is imposing values on all of its constituents that are anti-Western Civilization.

Many people on the conservative side are justifiably appalled that black people cannot recognize we are being brainwashed into believing Western Civilization and religious values have oppressed us rather than liberated us. We're being baited into a conflict that will have the appearance of a racial conflict, when the true conflict is over values.

Do you believe in marriage between man and woman? Do you believe there are more than two genders? Do you believe in eugenics and Planned Parenthood's black baby holocaust? Do you believe in freedom or do you prefer government control? Do you believe in the right to bear arms?

We're not in the midst of a race war. We're in a culture and values war. It's really a holy war.

Do you believe in one nation under God?

My journalistic career has been dedicated to provoking thought, challenging popular orthodoxy and groupthink, and educating black people on the path from poverty to wealth.

We're headed the wrong direction! The Left is steering us the wrong way, away from God, away from the principles and values that allowed us to conquer slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and other forms of oppression.

Our focus on the alleged racism of others is preventing us from seeing what's happening to us. We're abandoning our values.

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