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Incredible video exposes just how rehearsed Elizabeth Warren is after Dem debate

The Furnace

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Image via Twitter @Townhallcom screenshot

How rehearsed are some presidential candidates? According to a new video of Sen. Elizabeth Warren: very.

The video places two clips of Warren side-by-side, showing the Massachusetts senator rehearse talking points after Friday's debate. One clip is an interview with MSNBC, the other is from an interview with CBS News.

Of course, politicians use talking points all the time. However, what is startling about this video is that it shows Warren, at several points, recite the talking points word-for-word, rather than giving a unique response to each interviewee.

The reaction was biting.

"She lies so fast, she may try being an auctioneer after her political careers tanks," one person responded.

"Pre-planned speeches. Inauthentic & rehearsed," another person said.

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