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WATCH Glenn Beck's EPIC takedown of leftist LIES about America, at CPAC 2021
Image source: American Conservative Union video screenshot

WATCH Glenn Beck's EPIC takedown of leftist LIES about America, at CPAC 2021

'I am sick and tired of the lies ... and I think you are, too. So we're going to set the record straight'

Did you know that New England was the first major population in the world to abolish slavery, doing so nearly 30 years before Britain passed the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in 1780? Did you know that, of the 12.7 million Africans who were enslaved during the transatlantic slave trade from 1501 to 1875, only 2.4% were brought to the United States? The remaining more than 10 million enslaved people went to Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and Dutch holdings. Did you know that there are over 40 million people around the globe who are enslaved right now? Why are we arguing about people who were enslaved hundreds of years ago instead of freeing people today?

Speaking at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas, Glenn Beck shared a treasure trove of rare artifacts and documents from the history vaults at Mercury One to debunk the leftist lies about slavery, racism, and the real history of America.

"I am sick and tired of the lies that are constantly coming at us. I am sick and tired of it — and I think you are, too. So we're going to set the record straight," Glenn began.

"Americans, hear me ... slavery is not about racism. Slavery is not about America. Slavery is a human condition, it's a human condition that needs to be worked on at all times. Racism is a human condition," Glenn said as he revealed the artifacts and documents provided by M1, Glenn's 501(c)(3) charity founded to provide humanitarian aid and, in partnership with sister organizations The Nazarene Fund and Operation Underground Railroad, to rescue, liberate, and restore the lives of hundreds of people who are currently enslaved.

"[Americans] were the first in the world [to abolish slavery] — and we were also the only people that had white people, killing white people, to free black people. Five hundred thousand Americans died for freedom. The people that fought and died, they believed in a higher ideal. They believed ... that all men are created equal. That's why we fought and died. That's why we carry on with that today. That's what the Republican Party should be all about today," he added.

"We all are created equal and endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. Stand for those rights! That is our unum. That will unite us," Glenn declared to a standing ovation.

Watch Glenn Beck's full CPAC 2021 speech below:

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