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Top 3 DUMBEST anti-gun arguments you’ll hear this week

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Stu dismantles these common anti-gun arguments

In the aftermath of last week's tragic mass killings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, the ever-vocal, rarely-factual social media mob is at it again. Baseless and out-of-context anti-gun arguments are flooding the internet, demanding knee-jerk responses to complicated social-political issues.

On Tuesday's show, Stu Burguiere (filling in for Glenn Beck this week) tackled three of the most common anti-gun arguments you'll see on on the internet this week:

  1. Why don't we just ban all guns?
  2. There have already been 251 mass shootings in America this year;
  3. No other country has this problem.

Watch this video clip to hear Stu dismantle dumb anti-gun argument #3:

Watch the full episode here.

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