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Twitter permanently bans free speech activist for response to trans woman's vulgar tweet about her genitalia

Lauren Chen
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In this episode of "Pseudo-Intellectual," host Lauren Chen talked about Canadian free speech advocate Lindsay Shepherd who was permanently banned from Twitter after an online altercation with a transgender woman named Jessica Yaniv.

According to The Post Millennial, Shepherd claimed, "I got suspended for two tweets (although they didn't tell me exactly which tweets were the problem so I am giving my best guess): last night, JY tweeted that I have a loose vagina from pushing a 10 pound baby out, but he still has a "tight p***y" (in reality, JY still has male genitalia according to the proceedings of the current human rights tribunals he's been testifying in; and in reality I had a C-section and a 6 pound 10 oz baby)."

Shepard reportedly replied by saying, "This is something a man who has no functional romantic relationships with women would say." After Yaniv sent an additional mocking tweet, she added, "at least I have a uterus, you fat ugly man."

Yaniv, who is known for having lodged several frivolous human rights complaints against Canadian beauticians for refusing to wax her male genitalia, has not been censored the social media platform.

Catch Lauren's commentary in the video below:

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