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WATCH: Mark Levin: 'Where is the treason? Where is the bribery?'


Mock Senate impeachment trial opening statement

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On Tuesday, LevinTV host Mark Levin held a mock trial where he delivered an opening statement to the Senate defending President Donald Trump and responding to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) during the opening of the impeachment trial.

"Thank you, Senators, Mr. Chief Justice, House Managers, and the president's legal team. We are here today not to defend the Constitution against the president of the United States. But to defend the Constitution from the House Managers. Two of the House Managers were Chairman of two of the so-called impeachment committees in the House of Representative," Levin said.

Levin continued, "Mr. Schiff, as you well know, was the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Mr. Nadler was the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. They come here before the United States Senate; 100-senators, 300 million Americans, and the Chief Justice of the United States, and they say, "We need witnesses to prove our case." And, if we do not get witnesses, then it is a cover-up. It is a sham. We need a fair and partial process."

Then, Levin looked to the Constitution of the United States for context regarding the proper process of impeachment.

"The United States Constitution could not be clearer. The framers could not be clearer," Levin began. He continued, "After debating at length the impeachment clause of the Constitution, they came up with very specific language for what the House can do if it seeks to impeach a president. The House is limited in what it can do to start the process of removing a president of the United States."

"Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors, as I stand here before you today, they have presented no information on treason, no information on bribery —Those words don't even exist in their so-called impeachment charges. And other high crimes and misdemeanors, meaning other offenses that are as serious as treason and bribery," Levin said.

"Where is it? Just tell us. Where is the treason? Where is the bribery? What are the other high crimes and misdemeanors," Levin asked rhetorically.

Levin drove his point home as he concluded his opening statement:

"So what did they do? They amended the Constitution of the United States, illegally. They changed the language to fit their narrative. And now they come before the United States Senate and say that if you don't accept their narrative then You, in the United States Senate, you are involved in a cover-up."

Watch the video below for more details.

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