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How the COVID-19 'experts' got EVERYTHING wrong!

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Throughout modern history, experts have made terrible predictions. In 1903, president of the Michigan Savings Bank told Henry Ford's lawyer that Ford Motor Company was a lousy investment because "the automobile is a novelty, a fad."

In 1916, actor and all-around studio expert, Charlie Chaplain, predicted cinema was "little more than a fad."

In short, "experts" don't know everything.

Many of us have been skeptical of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx since their fear-inducing projections of COVID-19 death and destruction began.

Sure, the model-building game should always allow for change as new information is acquired. Perhaps waiting until sufficient data were available would have been the responsible thing to do. But Fauci and Birx seemed to be competing for who could be wrong fastest at every turn along pandemic road.

Projected death rates? Wrong. Projected infection rates? Wrong. Projected hospitalizations? Take a guess. That's right, wrong. But just how wrong were the doctors? Steve Crowder breaks down the worst prediction streak ever.

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