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WATCH: College students say they’re not proud to be American — but can’t exactly explain why

Just before Independence day, Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform visited New York City to discuss American pride with college students. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform visited New York City in the days preceding Independence Day to discuss American pride with college students.

What are the details?

In a video shared to Campus Reform's YouTube channel on Tuesday, Phillips featured some of the responses he received after asking students if they were proud to be American.

Phillips based his questioning off a new Gallup poll, which recently reported a decrease in the number of young Americans who consider themselves to be patriotic.

The poll reported that 47 percent of people surveyed are “extremely proud” of being American. Another 25 percent say they are “very proud” of being American.

According to Gallup, the share of people saying they are "extremely proud" is the lowest since the company began polling the question in 2001. The high was in 2003, when 70 percent of people polled said that they were “extremely proud” to be American.

See some of the more entertaining responses to Phillips' question below:

  • "No, not in the America we have today."
  • "No, I'm not proud of America, I'm not proud of what we've done."
  • "I'm gonna go with no. Especially, not, like, recently. ... Things that are, like, 'America,' I don't want to associate myself with."
  • "I think we need to stop thinking we're the best nation on earth because that's just egotistical and it's not accurate."
  • "Patriotic views about America, when it really comes down to it, I feel like it's more, just, like a tool to be used to get people to join the Army."

Phillips also asked why these students were particularly not proud to be Americans:

  • "I mean, I think the answer's pretty obvious. Um, just look at the news."
  • "There's a plethora of things that are going wrong."
  • "It comes from the, like, history of the U.S."
  • "I had no idea how many people in this country were so far right and discriminatory."

Don't lose faith, though: Despite the overwhelming negativity from a vast majority of the interviewees, some students actually did come forward to admit that they are proud to be Americans.

You can watch the students' full responses in the video below.

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