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CNN hosts perplexed that Iowa voters don't trust legacy media — then proceed to belittle, insult them
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CNN hosts perplexed that Iowa voters don't trust legacy media — then proceed to belittle, insult them

CNN hosts Dana Bash and John King showed contempt for voters on Thursday who refuse to accept the media's narrative of reality.

King recently traveled to Iowa, where he spoke with Trump voters. In the report, King admitted the voters "don't watch and don't trust CNN," implicitly criticizing them through caricature. He claimed they replaced optimism with "Trump's grievances" and their "disdain of big government" with "Trump's distrust of just about everything."

The voters King spoke with don't support the Trump prosecutions, oppose U.S. intervention in the Ukraine War through constant military aid, and believe that President Joe Biden is probably guilty of corruption.

After the segment aired on "Inside Politics," Bash said the voters saddened her because, in her eyes, they believe conspiracy theories.

"One of the things that struck me first and foremost, obviously, was — and it really, in my gut, in my heart — was just how seeped in these completely conspiratorial questions and thoughts are in the zeitgeist, particularly when you are talking to Republicans who consume conservative media who don't tell them the whole truth," Bash reacted.

King then used the voters' opinion on Ukraine and Biden to take a shot at them — and Tucker Carlson.

"When you hear the Ukraine exchange there, it's like watching the open of an old Tucker Carlson show. He's not there any more, but that's what it is," he said.

But fortunately, King had some praise for the people he met with.

"They're good people. They raise money for the Girl Scouts. They go to church," King said. "But they believe things that would break our fact-check machine. That's just a fact. And they don't trust us. They think we're part of the problem."

Speaking of a fact-check machine, of the last 12 fact-checks published by CNN's human fact-checking machine, reporter Daniel Dale, only one has been critical of Biden.

The other 11 recent fact-checks have targeted Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and one even sought to defend Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal.

And therein lies the great irony of Bash's reaction. While she claimed Republican voters believe media outlets that do not "tell them the whole truth" — without specifying, of course, which version of the "truth" (Yours? Mine? The actual truth?) — CNN is guilty of exactly what Bash criticizes. At least conservative media are honest about their perspective.

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