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'Hypocritical': NY counties declare states of emergency as NYC mayor threatens to bus migrants to suburbs

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With fewer than 48 hours remaining until Title 42 comes to an end, two New York counties have declared states of emergency over NYC Mayor Eric Adams' threat to bus migrants into the suburbs.

Monday, Orange County joined Rockland County in declaring a state of emergency in advance of migrants' arrival in the repsective communities.

"The mayor is still insisting on committing two illegal acts in furtherance of his failure to handle the immigrant crisis in New York City," Rockland County Executive Ed Day (R) said in an interview Tuesday morning on Fox News Channel's "America's Newsroom."

"As an ex-police officer, he should know better."

The first illegal act involves boarding the migrants in a hotel in the county for more than 30 days, Day alleged. The second is violating the state of emergency that the county has already established, an act Day says is a class B misdemeanor.

"To have 300 people dropped on us at one time is ridiculous. There's just no way we can handle that; ... 300 people is five times what the homeless count is [currently] in Rockland County."

Following Rockland County's lead, Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus signed an executive order Monday barring hotels, motels, and facilities allowing short-term rentals from "accepting migrants and/or asylum seekers for housing within Orange County."
Neuhaus, a Republican, signed the order based on New York City's proposed plan to bus "asylum seekers" for temporary housing in the town of Newburgh.

In his executive order, Neuhaus highlights the hypocrisy of Mayor Adams decrying Texas Governor Greg Abbott's decision to bus migrants "to those jurisdictions with minority mayors" while Adams "targeted Republican counties" in a similar fashion.

Neuhaus says Adams told county officials NYC was planning to send about 60 adult males to the county, but county officials have since learned the Adams administration "sought to house additional hundreds ... without notifying Orange County." According to the executive order, official believe the final figure could be "thousands."

"It is hypocritical, and frankly it is maddening to then turn around and do the exact same thing to a county that isn't even a sanctuary county," Day said, as quoted by WCBS.

"Whatever we need to do to stop this, we will do," Day told the New York Times.

New York City's Mayor Eric Adams blasted Day's response in a statement issued by his press secretary, Fabien Levy, acquired by WHAM.

"We need the federal government to step up, but until they do, we need other elected officials around the state and country to do their part and emulate the humane and compassionate approach New York City has taken over the past year. The Rockland County executive has sadly already shown he is not a leader this state needs," the statement said.

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