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Former patients of 'Dr. Teetus Deletus' — the Miami surgeon who mutilates transsexuals — speak out about post-op problems
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Former patients of 'Dr. Teetus Deletus' — the Miami surgeon who mutilates transsexuals — speak out about post-op problems

The victims of a Miami-based sex-change surgeon have begun to speak out about the horrific aftermath of their operations.

Sidhbh Gallagher, the Irish surgeon who has called herself "Dr. Teetus Deletus" in reference to her profitable removal of patients' healthy breasts, runs the Gallagher Plastic Surgery clinic.

The clinic, based in the Coral Gables neighborhood, offers mastectomies, "body surgery," and so-called "gender confirmation" operations and reportedly executes between 400 and 500 dysphoria-affirming mutilations a year.

According to the Independent.ie, Gallagher puts a minor under the knife at least once a month, having boasted to the New York Times in September that she performed 13 breast removals on minors in 2021. Some of her patients have been as young as 13 and 14.

Gallagher claims on her website to want to "raise the bar for surgical treatment of transgender patients." The mortifying stories shared by former patients would suggest she has a long way to go in that endeavor.

Nightmare after nightmare

Reddit hosts a page that lists the various doctors across the globe who are willing to transmogrify people suffering from body dysphoria. In addition to providing recommendations, it also aggregates stories from former patients.

Gallagher is featured on the subpage for sex-change surgeons in the American South along with the testimonies from some of those who have allegedly suffered at her hands.

Rylan, a biological woman from Ohio whose Twitter account has been deleted but whose tweets were archived, wrote in on Aug. 22, "In August, I flew to Miami to get top surgery from Dr. Gallagher. 3 weeks later, a local surgeon had to rush me in to remove over half a foot of dead, rotted tissue. Gallagher dismissed every concern, including hollow cavities that formed on my ripped-open incision."

"Complications started 4 days after surgery, a hematoma on my left side that I sent her a photo of. She said was 'just bruising,'" continued Rylan. "The next day, my incision tore open and bled significantly. It was agony. I went in for my post-op the day before I flew home, anxious for a solution."

According to Rylan, Gallagher's team blamed the issue on her weight, giving the wound the nickname "blowhole."

This alleged patient of the TikTok surgeon noted that she had been bleeding interminably, dropping golf-ball-sized blood clots. Ultimately, she indicated that she had been rushed to the ER.

Rylan noted that after doctors did what they could for her in the ER, she wrote to Gallagher's clinic detailing the ordeal. An assistant at the clinic allegedly quipped that Rylan had merely been "menstruating" out of her side.

Rylan detailed the ordeal in full via a TikTok video that went viral, in which she underscored how lucky she was to still be alive.

As a result, Gallagher was met with significant backlash online.

Prompted to publicly address Rylan's suffering, Gallagher confirmed that "this patient's experience was valid. ... We cannot have a situation where a patient feels disrespected, joked about, and that we will put them in any sort of danger, and that's on me that that was this patient's experience."

One redditor, u/dinosaur-rainbow, posted on Nov. 25, "I had top surgery with Dr. Gallagher over four months ago and am STILL having complications after my incisions opened in two places and got infected, which I ended up having to go to the ER for."

The alleged former patient noted, "I didn’t find out until after surgery that her practice has only been open since 2020 and she is not a member of ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)."

One transsexual patient posted to the plastic surgery website RealSelf noting (warning: the page contains extremely graphic images) that he would be best off selling his "body to science and let[ting] my wife put me on display in a vat of formaldehyde at Ripley's, Believe It or Not, museum."

"My vulva looks like it was attacked by a shark and the incisions are coming apart," said the patient, suggesting Gallagher had told him, "That's what I do for all my girls."

Other alleged patients complained of gruesome scars and never-ending recoveries, with one calling Gallagher, "the latest surgery hustler to roll into town with a scalpel looking for crash test surgery dummies."

Christina Buttons of the Daily Wire reported that a week after a double mastectomy, one Gallagher patient stated, "The infection I got from surgery has been getting steadily worse despite antibiotics to the point that now my incision is open and cannot be reclosed."

Gallagher told the New York Times, "I can say this honestly: I don’t know of a single case of regret."

The Times confronted her with the fact that Grace Lidinsky-Smith, whose breast Gallagher's clinic cut off, later noted that the surgery "had been a mistake born out of a mental health crisis."

Preying on the vulnerable

The Daily Mail reported in October that a complaint had been filed with the Federal Trade Commission accusing Gallagher of luring "vulnerable and impressionable" adolescents on TikTok to seek mastectomies and genital mutilations.

The surgeon apparently runs two TikTok accounts: "thevagicianmd" and "gendersurgeon."

In one TikTok post, Gallagher pouted with the caption "Just realized I only get to Yeet 4 Teets next week."

The complaint claims that Gallagher and her clinic have "engaged in unfair, false, and deceptive practices in the aggressive advertising and marketing to minors of their plastic surgery services, namely mastectomies of healthy female breasts, as proven safe, effective, and medically necessary."

Gallagher was further accused of obfuscating the mental and physical dangers involved in the surgeries she otherwise made light of and peddled online.

While the Irish surgeon appears to still be in business, Florida is making it harder for people like her to mutilate children.

The state’s Board of Medicine and Board of Osteopathic Medicine adopted rules on Nov. 4 prohibiting doctors from conferring puberty blockers to children and performing sex-change operations on minors.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Lapado said the decisions would "protect our children from irreversible surgeries and highly experimental treatments."

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