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'I completely regret everything I have done': Girl de-transitions after starring in MTV transgender documentary: 'I was rushed into treatment'
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'I completely regret everything I have done': Girl de-transitions after starring in MTV transgender documentary: 'I was rushed into treatment'

A participant in MTV's 2016 documentary "Transformation" has publicly de-transitioned, after legally living as a male for several years.

"Milo," who was born a girl, posted a 27-minute YouTube video that detailed her thoughts on why she attempted to become a male.

"My legal name is Milo. My legal sex is male. I had that changed when I was 15 or 16 years old; legally it changed, I even had my birth certificate amended, Social Security, everything. Everything's changed to 'Milo' and 'male,'" she explained.

Milo was featured in MTV's documentary that thoroughly explained transgender children in regard to their pronouns and relationships with their parents and even offered them makeovers. The documentary also included commentary from representatives of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, for example.

In the production, Milo's mother referred to her as a boy and her son and said that she "never had a daughter from the day he was born. I just didn't know it yet."

The biological female says she cannot even bear to watch the documentary and stated that her appearance in the video was what she looked like "before testosterone" or any other medical intervention.

"I feel like I've kind of suppressed a lot of trauma ... from when I was a teenager going through puberty and I was bullied at school by other girls for being kind of weird and stuff," Milo said. "Also, just feeling like I was going to be an object for men if I kept my body the way it was. Which I know now isn't true."

"I think I was misguided. I think I was rushed into treatment before I explored all possible avenues of my feelings," Milo continued. "I was also afraid to admit that I was uncomfortable with sexuality."

"This is something I hoped I would never say, but I think I regret medically transitioning to male," Milo continued to explain. "I think I completely regret everything I've done; I've been miserable."

Milo also described a litany of health issues after taking testosterone for seven and a half years. "I started when I was 14 in 2015," she recalled. "Over time they increased my dose per shot. I would do a shot every week, and they started off pretty low, I don't remember the exact dosage of when I was a teenager, but as I got older the dosage increased to kind of match my age."

Milo got a hysterectomy as well as a double mastectomy. "I kind of had this these thoughts of like, well, if I'm a man, then I don't need these kind of ... I don't need these organs."

The girl also had an ovary removed due to medical complications and complained about a thinning hairline, fat stored in her face from steroids, a deeper voice, facial stubble, and a hairy body.

"I had a very, very feminine voice, very high-pitched, I would say."

"I do wish I didn't sound so male," she added.

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