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Openly gay radio host threatens to sue his station over a homophobic tweet. Except police say he sent the tweet himself.


This didn't work out the way he thought it would

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A New Orleans radio host is under fire after he reportedly sent a homophobic tweet from the radio station's official Twitter account to himself.

He later demanded the radio station, WWL-AM, pay him $1.8 million in compensation over the incident.

What are the details?

According to NOLA.com, openly gay radio host Seth Dunlap, 35, reportedly tweeted a slur from the station's verified Twitter account to his personal account.

Dunlap was reportedly facing financial troubles at the time of the incident, which took place days after Dunlap wrote a "lengthy post on his Facebook page outlining the difficulties he had faced while working in sports media as a gay man," according to NOLA.

The tweet, which was sent earlier this month, prompted Dunlap to take a leave of absence from the station.

WWL released a statement revealing that it had turned over their internal investigation to the local police department.

The statement said:

WWL has completed its investigation into the highly offensive, unauthorized tweet sent from WWL's Twitter account on September 10, which directed a homophobic slur at Seth Dunlap. We determined that the most appropriate next step is to involve law enforcement. At this point, the investigation is in the hands of law enforcement and it is not appropriate for us to comment any further on the substance of our findings.

A New Orleans Police Department report revealed that Dunlap sent the offending tweet from his personal cell phone. The outlet reported that the department is considering the investigation as possible extortion. Such a charge could be punishable with up to 15 years in prison.

Dunlap's attorney maintains his innocence and says that her client didn't have access to the station's Twitter profile.

"It is truly reprehensible [the station] would be attempting to blame the victim of its own anti-LGBT culture, and they are only compounding the severe damage that Mr. Dunlap has experienced at the hands of [station parent company] Entercom."

The station issued a statement Wednesday denying any involvement in promoting hate against the LGBT community.

"We apologize to our listeners, clients, partners and employees for this abhorrent, disrespectful act," the statement said.

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