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Leftist Twitter workers losing it over 'a**hole' Elon Musk buying company, alleged internal messages show: 'We’re all going through the five stages of grief'

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Some Twitter employees are angry and indignant over Elon Musk's headline-grabbing purchase of the controversial social media platform, conservative journalist Andy Ngo wrote in a piece for the New York Post.

Ngo said those sentiments showed up in leaked internal messages from the Slack communication app, the Post reported. Ngo added in his own Twitter post that employees' "biggest fear is [former President] Donald Trump being unbanned" and that many of them "express strong hatred toward" Musk and "say they’re sick of hearing about 'free speech.'"

What allegedly was posted?

“Physically cringy watching Elon talk about free speech,” a site reliability engineer wrote, the paper said.

The Post said a senior staff software engineer — who called Musk an “a**hole" and attempted to console his colleagues — wrote, “We’re all going through the five stages of grief in cycles and everyone’s nerves are frazzled. We’re all spinning our wheels, and coming up with worst case scenarios (Trump returns! No more moderation!). The fact is that [Musk] has not talked about what he’s planning on doing in any detail outside of broad sweeping statements that could be easily seen as hyperbolic showboating."

A senior staff video engineer indicated his departure was imminent, the paper reported: “Not the place to say it perhaps, but I will not work for this company after the takeover.”

Ngo added that after a time of venting over Musk's Twitter purchase, some employees warned that their Slack messages could be searched — and with that, they moved their chats to personal devices using the encrypted app Signal.

The Post added that even before Musk's $44 billion offer was accepted Monday, Twitter employees had been fuming about their soon-to-be new boss and his pro-free-speech views.

A reliability engineering manager said Musk’s love of free expression for all "is cover for ‘I want to not be held accountable for saying or amplifying harmful things,'" the paper reported.

Another engineer wrote that “self-reported censorship is sometimes just horrible people f***ing around and then find[ing] out," the Post reported, adding that a senior content strategist replied, “And it doesn’t happen often enough.”

Ngo added that the aforementioned content strategist worked as a left-wing political operative during his non-Twitter hours and led many conversations heavily critical of Musk.

“Sometimes I think it can’t be as bad as I’m imagining it’ll be," she wrote in response to a Musk tweet last week. "Then I see something like this, and I’m all ‘nope it’ll be even worse.'"

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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