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HuffPost attacks Trump over man who was indicted for illegally funneling millions to Hillary Clinton


You have to hunt for the real story.

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and the folks at HuffPost have a terminal case. On Wednesday, the site published an article titled, "Trump campaign liaison charged with funneling illegal campaign contributions." They seemed to have really gotten Trump this time. Until – spoiler alert – you read the story and find out the millions funneled were to – wait for it – Hillary Clinton.

This post was shared by a liberal friend of mine on social media. It was posted as yet another example of how Trump allegedly associates with horrible people. And if you looked at the share with that title, of course you'd think Trump was singularly associated with a bad actor.

It even looks that way through the first two paragraphs, loaded with references to the Robert Mueller probe, Steve Bannon, and Jared Kushner. It takes until the third paragraph that you get a hint of what the man, businessman and lobbyist George Nader, was charged for: illegally funneling money to candidates, including Hillary Clinton.

Then it takes until the eighth paragraph to see that the specific charge was helping to obscure the origin of over $3.5 million in funds that businessman Andy Khawaja donated. HuffPost reports in that paragraph, "Khawaja contributed more than $4 million to Clinton's presidential campaign and other Democrats, AP reported. After Trump won the presidency, Khawaja donated $1 million to his inaugural committee."

Well, that's a whole different story. What we have here is a D.C. swamp creature who is used to paying and lobbying to gain access, who works the system and has been working the system long before Trump came on the scene, who helped funnel money to ensure Trump wasn't elected.

But at the Huffington Post, a headline that screams, "Man indicted for illegally funneling money to Hillary Clinton" just isn't as sexy as "Orange Man bad – again."

While this type of blatant media bias is disappointing, it's not unexpected.

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