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WTF MSM!? YouTube demonetizes Crowder's channel as the NY Times casually compares him to neo-Nazis


The #VoxAdpocalypse has begun.

Image source: Louder with Crowder screenshot

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This is by design …

On Wednesday morning, YouTube announced, according to the New York Times, that it will "remove thousands of videos and channels that advocate for neo-Nazism, white supremacy and other bigoted ideologies." Rather than sticking to the straight news of the announcement, the NY Times went and lumped BlazeTV host Steven Crowder in with the neo-Nazi promoters of hate.

On Wednesday afternoon, YouTube went ahead and demonetized Crowder's entire channel, saying a "pattern of egregious actions has harmed the broader community." This is a reference to a February 2018 blog post on YouTube's creator blog. The "harm" Crowder seems to have done is having a different opinion than people like Vox writer Carlos Maza, who asked YouTube to investigate him.

This is what the New York Times and Vox wanted: To sideline Crowder and to destroy his life and livelihood. This is what the media is.

Here's the Times' take and background on Maza's activism.

The tension was evident on Tuesday, when YouTube said that a prominent right-wing creator who used racial language and homophobic slurs to harass a journalist in videos on YouTube did not violate its policies. The decision set off a firestorm online, including accusations that YouTube was giving a free pass to some of its popular creators.

In the videos, that creator, Steven Crowder, a conservative commentator with nearly four million YouTube subscribers, repeatedly insulted Carlos Maza, a journalist from Vox. Mr. Crowder used slurs about Mr. Maza's Cuban-American ethnicity and sexual orientation. Mr. Crowder said that his comments were harmless, and YouTube determined they did not break its rules.

The Times, Vox, and other leftists actually think that Crowder's comedy content is the equivalent to rhetoric spewed by violent, repugnant neo-Nazis, and they unashamedly make the false equivalency. In August 2017, Crowder talked about people, like those at the Times, who equate people they don't like with Nazis. Here's his video, "The Little Boy Who Cried 'Nazi'!" Now Crowder is warning that while his channel may be the first to lose monetization, it won't be the last.

The Times, Vox, and other leftists wade into dangerous waters with comparisons like this. When you paint your opponents as repugnant people, some guy may be reading, watching, or listening, and he might just drive to a baseball field to exact revenge.

Steven Crowder hosts "Louder with Crowder" on BlazeTV, which is owned by Blaze Media.

The truth is …

On Tuesday, Florida officials announced the arrest of Scot Peterson, the deputy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who failed to confront the gunman at the school in February 2018. He faces 11 criminal charges stemming from his inaction. New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali noticed an old tweet from CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza that "didn't age well."

The tweet was a share of Cillizza's story titled, "Here's definitive proof that a good guy with a gun doesn't always stop a bad guy with a gun." Cillizza used the article to argue that because Peterson did not act that day, that disproves that more good people with guns won't stop tragedy. His original version of the story erroneously claimed that Peterson was inside the school when shots were fired and ran outside. That was not the case.

Ali is correct in noting that after the arrest, Cillizza's tweet looks even worse. Someone who neglected to do his duty is not a "good guy" with a gun. He's someone who, according to Florida prosecutors, acted criminally.

But it's not just old tweets from CNN staffers that should be in question. On Tuesday night, CNN's Chris Cuomo, in his nightly segment with Don Lemon, said "only in America do you respond to something like this this way." He added that it "messes with my head from a policy perspective" that Peterson is facing charges.

As Twitchy notes, the other way we dealt with the shooting is that the shooter has been apprehended and arrested by other law enforcement officers who did not neglect their duties.

CNN has been pushing its agenda since the shooting. Its town hall prominently featured disgraced Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who has subsequently been removed from office for his actions surrounding the shooting.

To CNN it's all about pushing a leftist narrative, never simply reporting on the news.

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