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'World of Warcraft' designer slams Blizzard for pro-Chinese censorship


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Pro-freedom …

As China ramps up its pressure on American and international corporations not to support the pro-freedom movement in Hong Kong, it has affected the esports industry.

On Tuesday, Leon Wolf, managing editor of TheBlaze, wrote about how Blizzard Entertainment banned a Hong Kong-based gamer from participating in the Hearthstone Championships after he showed support for the Hong Kong protests. Now, the lead developer of Blizzard's "World of Warcraft" has slammed the company for its decision.

Mark Kern, who worked at Blizzard for years and helped develop the company's "Star Craft" and "World of Warcraft" titles, among others, laid down the reasons he is boycotting Blizzard in a tweet thread.

Kern writes, "I am ethnically Chinese. I was born in Taiwan and I lived in Hong Kong for a time. I have done business with China for many years, with several gaming companies there. So I think I have a valid perspective here, having been a Team Lead at Blizzard and having grown up in Asia."

Kern goes on to explain how China has increased its dominance in the gaming and entertainment realms through acquisitions and funding of movie studios and gaming companies.

The Heritage Foundation released a podcast earlier in 2019 highlighting "how China is taking control of Hollywood." In 2016, The Wrap highlighted 12 U.S. media companies then owned by China. The list includes brands such as Legendary Entertainment and AMC movie theaters.

China has quietly taken control of major pillars of our culture. The country is beginning to flex its accumulated power to punish people who support freedom and free speech.

When you unwrap just how much China controls, you begin to realize that this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

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