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WTF MSM!? Adam Sandler’s SNL skit reminds us how political comedy used to be


Comedy gold!

Photo Credit: NBC Saturday Night Live Screenshot

Rip-roaringly funny … On Saturday, comedian-actor Adam Sandler – who often shows up on lists of Hollywood conservatives – returned to "Saturday Night Live" to host the program for the first time. During the "Weekend Update" segment, Sandler reprised his Opera Man character and reminded us all what political comedy used to be like, when comedians made fun equally of Republicans and Democrats.

The entire segment is classic Sandler, but it was the political comedy part that stood out. The Gen X Sandler started by making fun of how the Democratic field is coming down to more Baby Boomer men, yet again. Then he switched to Joe Biden's penchant for groping and hilariously tied it to President Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. This wasn't what-aboutism; it was just comedy. Neither Trump nor Biden was spared. Watch the rest for yourself.

Weekend Update: Opera Man Returns - SNL www.youtube.com

This whole segment goes back to a time in late night when hosts were sure to be equal-opportunity jokesters. Nobody knew Johnny Carson's politics or Jay Leno's. Dana Carvey became friends with the Bush family after his sometimes biting impersonations of George H.W. Bush.

Today's comedians and entertainers, paralyzed by political correctness, could learn a lot from the four minutes Sandler performed Saturday.

Laying the groundwork for 2020 … CNN's Chris Cillizza took time on Monday to ratchet up some groundless hysteria over the idea that Trump would refuse to concede the 2020 election. Cillizza asks, "What happens if Donald Trump refuses to admit he lost in 2020?" Cillizza must mean like Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and Al Gore, to name a few, right? This is straight-up #ResistancePorn.

Cillizza's argument is that Trump is laying hints all over the place by attacking the media's handling of the bogus Russian collusion narrative, election fraud, and other actions. This, Cillizza argues, is preparation for Trump to refuse to leave office.

What this really is: Cillizza is laying down a marker early, so that if there is election fraud, or something else that steals the election from Trump, he can point back and say he warned us all. Cillizza uses Nancy Pelosi's reported ruminations about Trump not accepting an election outcome to make the case that he would actually do it in 2020.

Cillizza is once again merely carrying the #Resistance's water.

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