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Speaker ATTACKED by 'feminist' activists

Lauren Chen

Posie Parker has clearly caused quite a stir on the left.

The U.K. feminist, whose real name is Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, was recently attacked by trans activists at her pro-women rally in New Zealand. And what was her crime? She believes that a woman is an adult human female.

This was so offensive to the trans activists that a number of LGBTQ+ rights groups actually tried to ban her from entering New Zealand — by claiming that she posed a threat to public order.

New Zealand’s high court ruled that the decision to allow her entry to the country was lawful, despite condemning her views.

The trans activists weren’t too pleased and felt the best way to voice their opposition to her beliefs was to become so unhinged and violent at their protest that the police had to intervene.

In response to the violent protests, Parker says, “The war on women in these countries is absolutely frightening,” and that she has to have a team of seven security guards with her, as she feels that her life could be in danger sometimes.

Lauren Chen brought a little sense to the chaos on her show, saying, “You don’t get to call yourself a progressive, a feminist, or a human rights champion of any type if you are okay with the way that this woman is being treated, regardless of her opinions.”

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