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Study: Stress from racism is causing Black Americans to die younger

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Black Americans are more likely to suffer from elevated stress and depression due to racism, which in turn, causes them to age faster and die younger than other racial or ethnic groups, according to a study conducted by a University of Georgia research team.

This week on "Pseudo-Intellectual," BlazeTV host Lauren Chen discussed an article about the study's findings written by research team member Sierra Carter for The Guardian.

"I'm part of a research team that has been following more than 800 Black American families for almost 25 years," Carter wrote. "We found that people who had reported experiencing high levels of racial discrimination when they were young teenagers had significantly higher levels of depression in their 20s than those who hadn't. This elevated depression, in turn, showed up in their blood samples, which revealed accelerated aging on a cellular level."

Lauren argued that, while she believes racism does exist in America as well as other countries, the current anti-racist ideology does little to actually combat racism or promote equality.

"As someone who is half white and half Chinese, I would hate to think that someone would assume to know anything about me or judge me based solely on by racial background. There's so much more to me. I'd much rather be judged by my character, my merit, my skills, my personal history and all that stuff, so that's the approach I try to take with other people," Lauren said.

"The problem with anti-racism activism nowadays, is that it's not just about trying to combat racism, or trying to promote equality and colorblindness," she opined. "It's about needing people to acknowledge that white people are privileged, and perhaps innately racist, and that society is built to oppress non-white people."

Watch the video below for more details:

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