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YouTuber Onision melts down in bizarre videos following allegations of 'child grooming' and sexual abuse


Mental breakdown or an attempt to get more clicks?

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On Wednesday, "Pseudo-Intellectual" host Lauren Chen discussed a series of bizarre videos posted by popular YouTuber, Onision, in which the controversial social media star melts down repeatedly because he was banned from Patreon for doxxing one of at least six women who have accused him of "child grooming" and sexual abuse.

Here's the first in the series:


Onision, whose real name is Greg Jackson, was banned from Patreon for tweeting screen shots of a private text message including personal phone number from former-fan Billie Dawn Webb. Webb accused Onision and his husband "CoolGuyKai" of manipulating her into having a sexual relationship with the pair. Additionally, at least five other young women have accused Onision of grooming them for sex at as young as 16 years of age.

Watch the clip below for more details:

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