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'The news is a LIE, the Bible is the TRUTH': Kari Lake debunks rumors about her faith

The Glenn Beck Podcast

'What I said was the truth, the unabashed truth, and I got canceled'

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Kari Lake has faced attacks from every angle during her campaign for the governorship of Arizona, including against her faith. Some have (anonymously) called her a Buddhist, and the media prefers the term "Christian nationalist."

Kari joined "The Glenn Beck Podcast" this week to set the record straight, sharing the amazing story of her spiritual journey from her Christian upbringing to rekindling her faith after being "canceled" in 2019.

"I got canceled in 2019. I got canceled really hard because of a live mic situation that somehow got let out," Kari told Glenn. "Looking back at the live mic situation, I think it's kind of funny. You'll have to Google it. I won't say what I said on here, Glenn. I don't want to get you canceled, but what I said was the truth, the unabashed truth, and I got canceled," she added.

"It gave me great stress because, at the time, I wasn't ready to leave my job, and I felt that I'd done everything right, and I'd been good to people, and here I was getting raked over the coals," Kari explained. "The first time you get canceled, it's pretty tragic at the time — now I laugh at getting canceled, I get canceled every day by somebody — and so I prayed to God really hard. I mean, I was like down on my knees saying, 'Get me through this. This is painful. Will I survive this?' And the next day, the cavalry came through. All of a sudden, my supporters just started coming, and I guess they overwhelmed the TV station with phone calls and emails. They started showing me love and support, and I said to God, 'thank you. You did that.'"

Kari went on to share the moment she came to realize "the news is a lie, and the Bible is the truth."

Watch the video clip below or find the full podcast with Kari Lake here.

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