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Bud Light falls, so anti-woke beer can rise


Companies are going broke for going “woke,” but it seems their failures have served as little warning — as other companies continue to follow in their footsteps.

“Disney got burned,” BlazeTV host Mark Levin of "LevinTV" says. “Now this company is getting burned, and other companies are going to get burned, and they should.”

“Just sell your damn product and stop playing politics,” he adds.

Levin is referring to one of the latest companies to get backlash for inserting politics into its campaigns: Anheuser-Busch.

Global sales of the company's beverages have cratered 27% since the company released its marketing campaign with transgender activist and social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

In a severely misguided ploy to attract a new demographic of Bud Light drinkers, the company hired Mulvaney to promote the beer on his social media.

In one TikTok, Mulvaney, a biological male, is dressed up to resemble Audrey Hepburn while sipping Bud Light.

Levin believes companies like Anheuser-Busch fall into this trap because “the corporate boardrooms are filled with these hacks, these ideological and political hacks.”

“They ruin these things,” he continues, “I can’t think of a single thing the hard left has created that’s improved our lives or improved society.”

However, Levin has good news.

Bud Light’s self-destruction has opened the door to companies that share conservative beliefs and values — and one of them just happens to be a beer company.

The company is called Ultra-Right Beer, and it has released an ad that’s the complete opposite of woke.

The ad shows the creator of Ultra-Right Beer, who says he “created Conservative Dads Ultra-Right 100% woke free beer” to combat the beer company “that doesn’t even know which restroom to use.”

“If you know what bathroom to use, you know what beer you should be drinking. Stop giving money to woke corporations that hate our values. And to the rest of you woke corporations, stay the f*** away from our kids,” he adds.

Levin is a fan.

“This is what I love about our team: people who believe in this country, red-blooded Americans, whatever faith or background, who do not stand for this woke stuff and this left-wing crap,” he says.

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