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Mark Levin: Lunatic loses her mind over a T-shirt, then justice is served


There are millions out there who are just like her

In this episode of "LevinTV," Mark Levin reacts to a cellphone video that captured the moment a woman was kicked off her flight for being an intolerable leftist.

A woman on an airplane lost her mind after a young man wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt sat down in his seat next to her. She quickly became agitated and began berating and verbally attacking the young man. Mark explains that the woman's behavior is just what crazy leftists do.

The woman had the nerve to order flight crew members to move the young man to a different seat. Eventually, the woman's husband offered to switch seats with her to resolve the problem, but the flight crew was over it by this time. Mark notes that the crazy lady's husband looked like a "wimp" sitting there and doing nothing to help the situation.

The flight crew asked her to leave the plane before takeoff, but she put up a fight, assuming the position of "the victim." Defiantly, the woman said her husband's mother had just died, and she was not leaving her seat.

Mark reasons that if her mother-in-law died, then why not shut her big mouth and leave that kid alone next to her so she could get to the funeral? She was the provocateur, not the kid.

The flight crew knew better than to think her switching seats with her husband would solve the issue. According to Mark, the flight crew deals with unreasonable people enough to know that people like her don't just calm down once the plane is in the air.

Watch the clip for Mark's whole reaction to this crazy leftist airplane passenger losing her mind over a frigging T-shirt.

Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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