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The 'passport bro' movement is GROWING, and the feminists are TRIGGERED

The 'passport bro' movement is GROWING, and the feminists are TRIGGERED

In an age when traditional values are disappearing and monogamy and masculinity are often villainized, the new “passport bro” phenomenon isn’t all that surprising.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Urban Dictionary defines passport bros as “men who have chosen to seek out foreign women, typically from other countries, for relationships. They believe that Western women have been influenced by cultural and societal pressures to behave in a certain way, and that by seeking out foreign women, they can find a more authentic, fulfilling, and harmonious relationship. This is seen as a way to restore the natural balance between feminine and masculine energy, and to avoid the ‘wickedness’ of Western women.”

While the movement has been met with intense backlash for a number of reasons, Lauren Chen doesn’t take issue with the idea of passport bros.

“I don't think anyone should find it strange that someone would move for a greater likelihood of finding a spouse if in this day and age it's totally common to move for a greater likelihood of finding a job,” she explains.

Many have been quick to demonize the concept as a subtype of exploitation and even human trafficking.

Lauren, however, knows that is not the case, because she spent much of her childhood in different parts of Asia. She attended American international schools and knew several families in which Western men and Asian women were happily married.

She remembers hearing these men express that “they enjoyed having an Asian wife because Western women were often too focused on their careers, but since they had money themselves, really what they were looking for was a partner who could complement them, i.e. do something they couldn’t in … staying home with the kids and helping build a happy, healthy home life.”

Further, “not everyone from a developing country is in poverty,” she explains, debunking the idea that the only reason men seek wives overseas is because they want women who need them just to survive.

The other thing Lauren can’t understand is the mentality of Western feminists (who can usually be found ranting on TikTok) condemning passport bros for seeking more traditional relationships.

“If you're this disinterested in the men who are going overseas because you don't want the lifestyle that they're offering, why do you even care?” Lauren asks.

“Like why is it so triggering that a man who you supposedly aren't interested in is also not interested in you? That's what I don't understand,” she continues.

And lastly, criticizing men for going overseas to find a spouse is a giant double standard. “If an American woman were to meet … a rich foreigner who wanted to bring her somewhere exotic that she's never been, that would be literally a romance novel,” Lauren says.

To learn more about the passport bros movement, watch the full clip below

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