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The most HONEST Democrat campaign ad you'll see this year - PARODY


Allie Beth Stuckey owns the Democrat Party

Well, the midterms are upon us, and so are the predictable attack ads. This, however, could be the most honest Democrat campaign ad you'll see this year.

With early voting in full swing, BlazeTV's Allie Beth Stuckey had some fun at the expense of Democrats, pointing out failures of the party's platform. In this parody, the spokesperson for the Democrat Party (Allie), tells Americans why they "need to vote blue this November."

"It has been a crazy few years, and after getting [Trump] out of office, through totally legitimate means, we've finally been able to get work done for the American people," Allie said. "Led by our vivacious president, the country is better off than it was before. Sure, you can't afford to feed your family, but let's take a step back and look at the big picture. The first priority for our devoutly Catholic president is to make it easier to dismember babies in the womb."

Video below.

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