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Deace: Can Jordan Peterson be TRUSTED?

Steve Deace Show

'If you want Jordan Peterson to fight alongside you, you could do much worse than Jordan Peterson'

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You have probably heard of Jordan Peterson, the Canadian Psychiatrist who has made a name for himself with his ability to reach young men in an age where many young people seem lost.

In this clip, Steve Deace explained his belief that no one in Western society has done a better job identifying the symptoms within civil society than Jordan Peterson. But is he trustworthy? Is he a grifter? These are the questions asked on Monday's episode of "The Steve Deace Show."

Deace began answering the question by defining the words "trustworthy" and "grifter." "First of all," Deace started, "I don't know how you can think that Jordan Peterson is a grifter." Steve found the more intriguing question was whether or not Peterson was trustworthy. Deace believed that Peterson had correctly identified the problems in society, but Peterson only seemed to address the symptoms.

Deace later explained that the more difficult question would be if Jordan Peterson understands what we are up against at a societal level. Someone can be a person of sincere character and goodwill and still not be trusted completely. Deace said that Peterson has correctly identified the symptoms of our diseased society. If we are left to rely on Jordan Peterson to make a mark in the arena of ideas, we can trust Peterson completely.

"If you want Jordan Peterson to fight alongside you, you could do much worse than Jordan Peterson," said Deace.

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