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Glenn makes a TERRIFYING artificial intelligence prediction

The Glenn Beck Program

Artificial intelligence isn’t just coming — it’s here.

And Glenn Beck has a lot to say about it.

“We’ve got to get ahead on the AI culture war thing, okay, because it’s going to eat us alive before even the robots have a chance to enslave us,” he warns.

Glenn mentions the development of artificial personalities, which are also already here.

“AI, your best friend, or your AI girlfriend — these things are already here.”

Social media companies and influencers have wasted no time utilizing these AI personalities.

Snapchat has created an AI that will hold conversations with everyone — including children. Not only that, but a Snapchat influencer is selling her chat services via an AI version of herself to lonely men, and it’s working.

“For a dollar a minute, she will be your girlfriend,” Stu explains, “and it of course is just an AI responding — like what freaking psychopath would sign up for this service?”

Apparently, many. The 23-year-old influencer, Caryn Marjorie, has over 1.8 million followers on Snapchat and has made over $70,000 in just one week from selling the service.

Glenn believes this new AI territory we’re entering is becoming like a god to the left.

“The left doesn’t believe in miracles or God, but they do now because miracles are happening with AI, and that’s their new god,” he says.

“They’re not building man; man is building a god,” he explains.

But this god is far from a benevolent one.

“Some people think that it could break free from its bonds and do more damage to humanity than any weapon we’ve ever possessed. In fact,” Glenn continues, “experts are now saying that it could be the end of all biological life on Earth.”

Glenn then makes an interesting prediction.

“Let me predict something,” he begins, “18 months, next 18 months, I will be shocked if expressing concern about AI friends or AI lovers — which, again, they’re already here — isn’t considered bigotry.”

Glenn asks how we can stop this before it starts, as we’re fighting an “ideology that routinely sacrifices human value on the altar of progress routinely.”

“What do you say? Maybe we shouldn’t go with them this time.”

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