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Glenn Beck: The Jewish people NEED our support, 'NOW is the time'

Glenn Beck: The Jewish people NEED our support, 'NOW is the time'

We — and our churches — MUST stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Glenn Beck was called a conspiracy theorist, among other names, for his warning years ago that the anti-Jewish hatred of the 1930s in Europe would one day return and that it could come to America's streets. Well, it looks like that day has arrived. Over the past week, multiple violent attacks against Jews have occurred in the United States.

On the radio program Monday, Glenn detailed several recent, horrifying attacks against Jews in New York City — one of which involved two teenage boys chased by a Palestinian supporter wielding a baseball bat. In another attack, a mob reportedly threatened to kill a pro soccer player if he admitted he was Jewish.

Glenn said "now is the time" to stand with our Jewish brethren against the evils that we're seeing in our own nation. We — and our churches — must stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters.

"There are attacks on our Jewish friends and neighbors and they are afraid because they've seen this movie before," Glenn said. "I know how to stop this movie. Here's how you do it: You remember what you actually believe — that all men are created equal. All men are created equal. And even if you don't like or you disagree with a person, you stand for their rights because you are a brother to them. It is our responsibility.

"Our churches are being indoctrinated now with critical race theory," he added. "They're being taken down, one by one, with wokeness. All in the name of 'tolerance.' You cannot cross lines. If you don't stand up for people who are being chased in the streets, if you don't, as a church, stand up, you will find yourself on the wrong side. This is becoming a final warning, soon."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn:

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