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'If they have to kill you, they will—they have': Cuban immigrant from viral video doubles down on dire warning
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'If they have to kill you, they will—they have': Cuban immigrant from viral video doubles down on dire warning

What happened to Cuba is happening in our backyard today

A video of Maximo Alvarez giving a powerful speech during a roundtable discussion with President Donald Trump last week is blowing up the internet. In his speech, Maximo, a Cuban immigrant who escaped Fidel Castro's communist regime as a teen, issued a dire warning against the rise in Marxism we're now seeing in America.

On the radio program Friday, Maximo joined Glenn Beck to double down on his warning for Americans. He briefly shared his family's history, explaining how his family first fled to Cuba from Spain to escape communism, only to see Cuba fall under communist rule with Fidel Castro.

"I know, firsthand, how difficult and how painful it was for families who were being destroyed for no reason. Families who had nothing to do with politics. Families who had nothing to do with government. It was just hard-working families. So I grew up in that environment, and then sure enough, by the time I was 11 years old, the same thing happened in Cuba," Maximo said. "My story is just one of many, many millions of people, running away from communism, looking for the land of the free. And it's amazing, it's amazing that we [in America] don't appreciate that."

Maximo said that everything that is currently happening in America, from the cancel culture and cultural revolution to the media bombardment, is "the same old story" of how communism overthrows countries.

"This is the same old story. It doesn't change. We need to explain to people that the communist philosophy is based on the fact that the ends justify the means. The ends justify the means," he emphasized. "They will do whatever is necessary to accomplish their objective. If they have to tell you they're Catholics, or they have to tell you they belong to certain religions, they will. If they have to kill you, they will -- they have. Just look at exactly what happened in Cuba."

He went on to explain how the fear Americans are currently being fed is exactly what Cuban Marxists used to destroy capitalism and freedom.

"One person can create enough fear, that it will destroy the economy. That means, for example, you cannot go to a theater. You cannot go to a restaurant ... and it gets so far out of hand that people are afraid to go out," Maximo said. "And then what happens to our economy? Capitalism and fear are not synonyms. You cannot be a capitalistic economy, with fear. And that's why it's called terrorism.

"Look what is happening today, with our own governors, mayors. This is amazing," he added. "All they do is use people to create dissension. To create hatred. That's what they do. They are experts at class warfare."

Watch the video below for more of this must-see interview:

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