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How our ‘SICK SOCIETY’ is causing tragedies like Nashville

How our ‘SICK SOCIETY’ is causing tragedies like Nashville

Is it guns that cause tragedies like the shooting that just took place in Nashville, or is it our sick society?

Glenn Beck says it's our sick society.

He says, “It was something inside of this girl. It was either a chemical imbalance that she was born with that confused her on the truth, or it’s this freaking sick society that is doing it.”

“My bet is the society,” he continues, “but I could easily be convinced that it was the society that pushes sick individuals even deeper and in the wrong direction, but maybe that’s just me.”

He notes that there have been four transgender shooters who have carried out multiple shootings, adding, “I’m sorry, but that’s such a small slice of the population that you shouldn’t have four of them on anything except maybe, I don’t know, story hour at libraries.”

Those recent shootings include the Colorado Springs shooter, who identified as non-binary, and the Denver, Aberdeen, and Nashville shooters who all identified as transgender.

Beck says, “You don’t have a statistic about mass shooters and have four of one category,” adding, “something's wrong.”

Beck is aware that the media will come after him for pointing out this fact.

“They’ll say it’s my bigotry and my hatred of trans. I don’t care, I really don’t care. Call yourself whatever you want. Are you happy? Are you a better person because of it? Are you moving forward? Are you being more peaceful? Good, then I’m fine.”

“You know, if you’re trying to shove anything down my throat — right or left — from religion to transgenderism — shut the hell up.”

“I’m not going to accept something because somebody else tells me to. That’s not the way the world works. That is fascism.”

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