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VIDEO: Watch how the MSM reacts when the POTUS is called 'racist' — before and after President Trump

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Oh, how the times have changed!

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In 2009, the mainstream media reacted with sanctimonious outrage after Glenn Beck suggested that then-President Barack Obama might be racist.

This isn't about defending President Obama, they lamented, but about the unforgivable act of calling the president of the United States the "r-word."

Fast forward ten years and no one hesitates to call our current president a racist -- in fact, it seems to be a requirement for anyone in the mainstream media.

On the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Friday, the team put together a special "Happy 10-year Racistversary" celebration for Glenn, complete with music, cake, and two eye-opening "then-and-now" videos that show just how much things have changed when it comes to "throwing out the 'r' word" about the president of the United States.

Watch the 2 videos below:

'Racistversary:' The Media Then and Now

MSM AMNESIA: The media had a HUGE problem 10 years ago when Glenn Beck called Barack Obama a racist yet they continue calling Donald Trump a racist every...

The Media: Then and Now

Then and Now: In 2009, the media was outraged about "throwing out the 'r' word" regarding the president but now, they seem to have NO problem with...

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