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Glenn Beck: 'I am all for secession' — for the FAR LEFT

The Glenn Beck Program

After all, they're the ones who want to 'fundamentally transform' our nation

On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck said he's "all for" secession — but there's no reason why conservatives should be the ones to leave. He explained why he believes it's those on the far left who should secede from the union — after all, they're the ones who want to "fundamentally transform" our nation and abandon our Constitution, values, and the principles that separate the United States of America from every other fascistic nation in the world.

"Just like the Left won't unite with us [and] wouldn't unite with Donald Trump, I can't unite with them. How am I going to unite with people that believe critical race theory is correct? Who believe that capitalism is bad? Who believe that our Constitution is flawed and our Founders were racist?" Glenn asked.

"That's why, today, I want to let you know I am all for secession — not our secession, but theirs. They should secede from the United States of America. Here's why," he continued. "I didn't leave the United States of America. I didn't leave the Constitution. I didn't leave our heritage, our common sense ... I didn't leave science. They did.

"I didn't leave the fundamental understandings, the underpinnings of America," Glenn said. "I didn't leave my position on the First Amendment. They did. I didn't change my understanding [of the First Amendment] because there is no new understanding of it. The right to free speech is absolute. The right to question my government is absolute. The right to assemble is absolute. The right of a free and unfettered press, I still believe in that. The right to practice the worship of our God the way each of us see fit, I am still for that. Why would I secede?"

Glenn went on to say he believes it is time for every American conservative to decide where they draw their line in the sand. Because whatever that line is, it's "exactly what you're going to get."

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