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Elon Musk's battle against the woke will fail if WE don't do this...

Elon Musk's battle against the woke will FAIL if we don't do this ...

The "post woke world" won’t be saved by Musk, DeSantis, or anyone else — it will be saved by YOU.

Hopefully you’ve heard by now that Elon Musk made an offer in spectacular fashion to buy 100% of Twitter, after concluding Twitter could only be transformed as a private company. (If you have no idea what we’re talking about, click here to catch up now.)

From the outrageous media and liberal meltdowns to the absurd predictions and the hundreds of jokes and memes, it was delightfully apparent that something shifted in the online atmosphere.

"We have watched the woke monster destroy everything,” Dave Rubin, BlazeTV host of "The Rubin Report," began in his deconstructing of the day’s events. We have watched companies like Twitter, Disney, and countless others push their woke ideology on us, censor us, and ban some of us.

“And here’s one guy, now he’s a pretty extraordinary guy … but he’s just one man, and he’s saying ‘I am putting my money where my mouth is,’” Rubin praised.

The extraordinary thing about Musk’s actions, Rubin emphasized, isn’t the amount of money he’s willing to spend, but that he decided to DO SOMETHING about the problem with free speech on Twitter. Actually doing something, taking action, as opposed to continuously reacting, is how to properly disrupt the systems in place. Musk is leading the way in what Rubin deems is now a "post-woke world," activated by Musk’s brave leap into action. This is why Rubin is adamant that NOW is the perfect time to step away from the sidelines and take responsibility for your own lives, because the "post-woke world" won’t be saved by Musk, DeSantis, or anyone else — it will be saved by YOU. Cowardice is not an option. You are the key to tearing down the "woke monster," and we must all be more like Elon Musk if we want to win.

"Sure, you’re probably thinking, 'This guy’s a trillionaire, he’s going to Mars, I’m in no way related to Elon Musk,’” Rubin joked. But Rubin pointed out that it’s far simpler than that: Musk is one human being who just did something.

"So whatever it is in your life that you can do — whether it’s you start growing some food in your back yard, or you cancel Disney+, or you get your kids out of public schools. You just need to start with one,” Rubin continued. "Stand your ground, call out their BS, and start getting some b*lls.”

Rubin’s final thoughts:
"Imagine if after years of this woke bullsh*t, if after years of this slow descent into hell that they have dragged us into, if we all started fighting out loud for what we truly believe, if we started saying 'NO' as they encroached on us and encroached on our kids? Imagine if we all did this, just for a week: Do you think the world would be better or worse? I bet that it'd be better."

For the full fiery episode of "The Rubin Report," watch below. Can't watch? Catch the podcast.

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