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Universities are 'indoctrination mills,' so how do we reverse course? Former professor of Portland State has brilliant answer

Universities are 'indoctrination mills,' so how do we reverse course? Former professor of Portland State has brilliant answer

College used to be a place where students discovered their passions and talents, obtained a degree that would open doors of opportunity for them post-graduation, and found groups of like-minded people to belong to. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case these days, as many colleges and universities, especially those considered most elite, have become woke indoctrination centers where students are brainwashed into believing harmful ideologies that they then carry into the adult world.

Pay attention to what’s going on at college campuses all across the nation, and you’ll quickly see what we’re talking about.

Ex-Professor Peter Boghossian, who used to teach at Portland State, joins Dave Rubin to discuss this glaring issue.

After leaving the world of academia, Boghossian now dedicates his effort to visiting college campuses and “trying to show people that maybe they don't necessarily know why they believe what they believe” — specifically the things they’ve been conditioned to accept as truth while in college.

“Our institutions are so corrupt right now,” says Boghossian. “College campuses are echo chambers; students not only don't hear the other side of the issue, but they think they're better people because they don't, so it's an indoctrination mill — a social justice factory.”

One result of the toxic environment academia has become is that these students are “looking for reasons to be offended” and can rarely, if ever, engage in a two-way discourse over sensitive issues, Boghossian tells Dave.

“I think that we have strayed so far from thinking about what's worth defending and what's worth valuing that we are reverting to kind of this pre-Medieval tribalism,” he laments.

But because “Western values are worth defending, [and] freedom is worth defending,” what do we do about the poison coursing through our universities?

“If a stream is being polluted,” Boghossian explains, “you have to stop the pollution at the source.”

According to Boghossian, the way we do that is to first “stop donating to [our] alma mater” because when we donate, “[we’re] supporting an indoctrination mill, supporting an institution whose very values are antithetical to Western, liberal democracy.”

The second step is to “show up ... physically walk into school board meetings” and be “a voice on the other side.”

Further, we need to be intimately familiar with candidates’ policies and vote.

These things, among others, will spark positive change in the world of academia, according to Boghossian.

But not everyone is as optimistic about the potential for improvement in universities as he is. Many think the political divide is too great and call for “a national divorce.”

To hear Boghossian’s thoughts on the potential of dissolving the United States as we know it, watch the video below.

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