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FLASHBACK: Joe Biden says don't assume I'm not corrupt

Pat Gray Unleashed
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On Monday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat explained why he believed that former Vice President Joe Biden would be the Democratic nominee in the 2020 election.

Pat played footage from a PBS show in 1974 called "The Advocates," which began airing in 1969. The show featured a series of debates about international issues and moderated by Allard Lowenstein, former congressman and member of the Democratic National Committee.

In this clip, Lowenstein asked Biden, "As the youngest member of the Senate, the one therefore who may expect the longest career there, I wonder if you'd say to us since it's clear that you're not corrupt and you got elected, why should people think that the system produces corrupt results when there you are?"

Biden replied, "I'm not sure you should assume I'm not corrupt, but thank you for that, though. The system does produce corruption, and I think implicit in the system is corruption when in fact, whether or not you can run for public office, and it costs a great deal of money to run for the United States Senate, even for a small state like Delaware, you have to go to those people who have money, and they always want something."

Pat noted the arrogance that Biden displayed since the beginning of his political career.

Watch the video below for more details.

FLASHBACK: Biden Says Don't Assume I'm not Corrupt youtu.be

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