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VIDEO: Far-left Dem who called Trump 'motherf***er' literally runs from reporters when confronted about remarks

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Image source: Twitter screenshot

On her first official day in Congress, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) made a name for herself when she told a group of progressive activists that she would ensure the impeachment of President Donald Trump, referring to the president as a "motherf***er." The video quickly went viral, triggering a wave of backlash.

As the controversy reached a fever pitch, Tlaib held her ground — at least on social media, declaring Friday that she would not back down from her platform, of which the impeachment of Trump is central.

But Tlaib's fiery attitude quickly changed once back on Capitol Hill.

On Friday, when reporters surrounded the Michigan Democrat seeking comment about her vulgar remarks, Tlaib literally ran away.


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