Author Behind Upcoming Bin Laden Raid Tell-All Ostracized From SEAL TEAM 6

Editor’s Note: This guest commentary comes from Brandon Webb, president and executive media director of, a Web site devoted to coverage of the U.S. and Allied Special Operations Community. Webb also is author of “The Red Circle: My Life in the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps and How I Trained America’s Deadliest Marksmen.”

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There’s blood in the water and the media sharks are hungry with the book “No Easy Day,” authored by a former DEVGRU Operator who was a team leader on the raid that killed UBL.

The Internet and social media has created a world where headlines live and die depending on who’s first to Tweet about it.  It’s something that is causing major headaches in the US Special Operations community.

“The Admiral (SEAL) has locked down all media projects until further notice”– A SEAL Master chief recently told SOFREP.

Writing tell all books of this rare nature can come with tempting seven-figure contracts.  It’s easy to sit back and say this SEAL operator sold out for big money, but before you judge maybe walk a mile in his shoes. More on this later.

The flipside is that I know the No Easy Day author personally, and am aware that he was tormented over whether to write this book under the auspice of selling out the community. Operators have already clearly stated this and at least one DEVGRU operator was quoted in Jack Murphy’s post.

The New York Times also falsely reported that the SEAL author is retired.  He did not retire – he honorably separated in 2011 with no retirement benefits, and he has a family.

Thirteen deployments, over ten years of service, no retirement benefits, and a family to support. Put a seven-figure book deal on the table and you’d have to ask yourself, “what would I do?”

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