MSNBC Host Analyzes Romney Speech By…Blasting His Use of Teleprompters

Following Mitt Romney’s speech after he was declared the winner in the New Hampshire Primary, the cable news networks began breaking down the results.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was anchoring that channel’s coverage and asked “Last Word” host Lawrence O’Donnell what he thought of the Romney’s speech. O’Donnell did not speak to anything Romney said in the speech. Instead, he chose to mock Mitt Romney for using a teleprompter.

The remainder of O’Donnell’s anti-Romney rant still said nothing relating to what the GOP front-runner said in his speech. Lawrence O’Donnell dedicated his entire time to classifying the actions taken by Romney during his time at Bain Capital.

Curiously, I cannot recall MSNBC ever mentioning President Obama’s constant use of the teleprompter, and how uncomfortable he can appear when speaking in public with out it.

How do you feel about politicians using teleprompters in public appearances?