Watch Dana Loesch DEMOLISH an anti-gun leftist radio host who tries to brush her off

Watch Dana Loesch DEMOLISH an anti-gun leftist radio host who tries to brush her off

Dana Loesch speaks on her Blaze TV program 'Dana.' (File photo/ TheBlaze TV)

Appearing on Fox News alongside Sirius XM The Filter host, and anti-gun advocate Nomiki Konst, TheBlaze host Dana Loesch brought all guns to bear during their debate.

Some 231 criminals are being granted a pardon, though they were guilty of breaking firearm laws in connection with drug trafficking crimes, and after Dana gave some quick facts about how our current gun laws are not being properly enforced, along with some facts, Konst made the mistake of trying to paint Dana’s facts as something else. This naturally prompted Dana to turn up the heat, without getting remotely heated herself.

“I see what Dana’s doing here,” said Konst. “She’s taking an anecdote-“

“No, it’s data,” Dana cut in immediately. “It’s real data.”

“It’s an anecdote from the data-” Konst tried to say.

“No, it’s actually Cook County statistics,” interrupted Dana again. “I’m not going to let you brush this off with your lack of education on this topic. This is real data you’re not going to brush off with some gun control anecdote.”

From there on, the debate became a sparring match with Konst trying to refer to notes, and Dana firing facts from off the top of her head at the same time. The host had to interject to try to bring order, but it quickly became another overlap of the two women talking over one another. Eventually, Konst devolved into accusing Dana of racism.

“Nomiki, I will railroad you all day long if you keep trying to brush my facts off. These are the facts of the matter,” finished Dana.

Watch the exchange below: