Breaking: Fox News host fired over sexual harassment claims; show cancelled

Breaking: Fox News host fired over sexual harassment claims; show cancelled
Fox News host Eric Bolling was fired from the cable news network, apparently after sexual harassment accusations were made against him by former guests and colleagues regarding obscene pictures he allegedly texted to them. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Fox News confirmed Friday that they were parting ways with Eric Bolling, the suspended host of “The Specialists” and “Cashin’ In.” The host was suspended as the network was investigating claims that he had sent obscene pictures to various former and current female colleagues and guests via text messages.

According to a statement released by a Fox spokesperson, “The Specialists” was also being cancelled and being replaced. Bolling had split off from the popular show “The Five,” and given his own show before the allegations surfaced.

“Fox News Channel is canceling ‘The Specialists,’ and Eric Bolling and Fox have agreed to party ways amicably,” the statement read. “We thank Eric for his 10 years of service to our loyal viewers and wish him the best of luck.”

“Fox News has confirmed that the program Bolling co-hosted, The Specialists, is cancelled and will be replaced by a news hour,” tweeted Yashar Ali, the reporter who broke the original story in August.

The accusations were based on statements from 14 people and focused on three people who had allegedly received the obscene texts, including pictures of male genitalia.

In a statement released by Bolling’s lawyer in August, he appeared to waver on denying the allegations completely.

“Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications,” the statement read, “does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made.”

Bolling fought back against the allegations, and threatened to sue the reporter who uncovered the story with a $50 million defamation claim. Ali said that the status of the threatened lawsuit is still up in the air.

A few days after the allegations were revealed, Bolling tweeted in gratitude to those who supported him, and said that he was looking forward to clearing his name.

Bolling had once said in an interview that after his television career was over, that he would run for a U.S. Senate seat.

On Friday, HuffPost reported that Fox News is investigating if longtime host, Eric Bolling, texted "an unsolicited photo of male genitalia" to three of his female coworkers. Although reports don't reveal Bolling's accusers, they say that the women found the image to be quote "deeply upsetting and offensive." Bolling's attorney says that The Fox News Specialists co-host "recalls no such inappropriate communications." The TV host is not the first at the network to face sexual harassment allegations. Host Bill O'Reilly and the late Fox CEO Roger Ailes also left the network under similar circumstances.