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Provisions: Wondercide
Stephanie Boone

Provisions: Wondercide

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Category: Pest control

Founder: Stephanie Boone

Founded: 2009

Location: Austin, Texas

Representative products: Peppermint Insect Repellant, Fruit Fly Trap, Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs

At a glance:

  • Boone was inspired to found the company after her dog Luna became ill from chemicals in conventional flea and tick repellent.
  • Boone quit her job as a real estate tax consultant and started the business on a $6,000 credit card. She has said that she learned everything about the business as she went: "I had no experience with chemistry, product development, regulatory compliance or strategic business planning."
  • Boone got the call to be on "Shark Tank" the same day Luna died. Although appearing on the show led to greater exposure for Wondercide, Boone ultimately decided to turn down the deal offered her by panelist Lori Greiner.

The story:

In 2008, Stephanie Boone’s beloved dog Luna began losing her hair in patches to reveal open sores. Luna’s teeth chattered, and this, combined with her lethargy and blood testing, indicated that her internal organs were failing. Boone, a native of Austin, Texas, was heartbroken, and like any devoted custodian of a precious animal, disappeared down every rabbit hole she could find in search of an answer.

A holistic vet revealed to Boone that the products she was putting on and around Luna included ingredients that can cause systemic neurological side effects in some pets and people. Like millions of Americans, Stephanie thought she was keeping her family safe by using the most commonly recommended solutions. Living in Austin, where the only thing more oppressive than the heat is the pests, Boone resolved to find a new way to manage bugs in and around her lawn, her home, and her beloved Luna.

Deep in the annals of the EPA’s guidance for pest control, she discovered that the FIFRA 25b list, a small list of ingredients that are considered to pose the most minimal risk to health and environment, was where cedarwood oil was mentioned. Boone had an “aha!” moment. A long time beforehand, Boone’s grandmother had given her a cedar chest to protect her treasured family history. She thought, “If cedar has been used for centuries to protect the things we love from bugs, could another form of cedarwood be used to protect the living things we love?”

Wondercide was born, and Stephanie says she found her life's purpose: to innovate pest protection so that, when used as directed, it is actually as safe as it is effective.

In the summertime, I keep fresh fruit within reach as much as I can for my family. In the North Carolina heat, and with our kids frequently opening and shutting the porch door, we can start to see develop a bug problem quickly. Wondercide is an excellent product that I use on all my counters after I clean them at night. We even spray it on the floor and in the corners of the room before Swiffering. It smells incredibly fresh and is safe for kids and kittens alike.

Boone ended up taking her business to Shark Tank, where three of the "sharks" made her an offer. Her thriving business is an example of classic American ingenuity and loving devotion to plants and animals. Offering flea and tick spray, mosquito yard spray, and an indoor flying insect trap in addition to the original indoor pest control, Boone offers everything a homeowner needs to live in peace with their critters this summer — made in America with an incredibly reliable standard of care and customer service.

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