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VIDEO: Top 4 Clips of the Week: 'The Chad Prather Show'

Chad Prather
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On Friday, Chad recapped the top four moments from "The Chad Prather Show" this week. Enjoy...

Ep 122: Try To Take My AR-15!

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In this clip, Chad explained Joe Biden's story about kicking a gang leader named "Corn Pop" out of the public pool in Wilmington, Delaware, where he was a lifeguard. Chad and his crew likened Biden's story to the Outsiders.

"Now Joe Biden says he went to this inner-city community, this urban community, to be a lifeguard because, according to him, he wanted to learn more about the black community. Now that is a very woke teenager," Chad said.

Ep 123: Going To War With Iran?

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In this clip, Chad and Party Foul Steve discussed the pros and cons of the United States allowing Saudi Arabia to fight their own battles vs. the cost of oil. Steve pointed out that conflict in the Middle East began long before the discovery of oil.

Chad concluded that gas prices are likely to rise 22 cents a gallon for consumers if the United States does remain engaged in the current conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

"If we do not get in that conflict and we stay completely out of it, 22 cents a gallon is worth it," Steve said.

Ep 124: We Need A Marriage Counselor

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In this clip, Chad was joined by Party Foul Steve's wife, Toni Powell, to discuss how they both deal with time spent with and away from their spouse.

"Jade admitted on the podcast recently about how she likes when I leave. She likes when I come home, but she likes when I leave, " Chad said.

Ep 125 Unpacking the #MeToo movement

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In this clip, Chad was joined by Jennifer Nickerson to discuss how the #MeToo movement has destroyed the dating scene and harms men and women who have been victims of sexual assault.

"The first time a guy does this, you get away from it. You don't keep subjecting yourself to it," Chad said.

Watch the video below for more.

Best of the Week - September 16, 2019 - The Chad Prather Show

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