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WATCH: 'Woke' leftism is logic adjacent

Chad Prather
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On Tuesday, Chad Prather discussed the "wondrous wide world of 'wokeism" and explained the negative impact that had resulted from 'woke' culture.

In this clip, Chad explained how the days of rational discourse are over no thanks to the newly adopted mindset of the left-wing debate.

The left's new 'way' of partaking in rational discourse shifted to wanting to be the most passionate voice in the room rather than being the most logical.

Chad directed his rant to all groups associated with "woke" culture, which included the feminist community, the LGBTQ community, and Antifa, to name a few.

"I will sign legal documents stating that I will non-threateningly hold your hand as we skip through the field of daisies and unicorns that we all know will be possible when we finally remove all white cis-gendered male privilege from the face of the earth," Chad said.

Chad cleverly ranted about the destruction of rational communication that rendered the possibility of engaging in productive conversation unlikely and described the communication breakdown as having been the result of the left using "coat-hanger" phrases on which to hang their emotions.

"'Woke' leftism is logic adjacent," Chad said.

Watch the clip below for more.

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