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Horowitz: To serve the cult of COVID fascism, feds criminally charge chiropractor who marketed lifesaving vitamin D and zinc
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Horowitz: To serve the cult of COVID fascism, feds criminally charge chiropractor who marketed lifesaving vitamin D and zinc

The government is not only working with Big Pharma, the media, and Big Tech to censor any lifesaving treatment and medical advice, it is now criminalizing doctors who seek to strengthen the immune systems of their patients. It started with hydroxychloroquine, then continued with ivermectin. Now the government is going after doctors for promoting vitamin D and zinc, two of the most wondrous natural supplements that have proven critical to bolstering one's immune system from serious COVID-19 symptoms.

At a time when the doctors in government and Big Pharma are misleading the public — often with deadly results — about the efficacy of lockdowns, masks, experimental mRNA, and expensive, ineffective treatments like Remdesivir, a Missouri doctor has been charged for marketing a cocktail of vitamin D and zinc as treatment against the virus.

According to KHOU-TV1, Eric Nepute and his company, Quickwork LLC, are facing 10 counts in federal court of violating the "COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act." The Federal Trade Commission contends that this act grants it authority to make a determination that the Missouri chiropractor, who owns several Nepute Wellness Center locations in St. Louis County, "baselessly" claimed his product works against COVID at least as well as the vaccines.

Nepute's crime? He dared use his First Amendment rights to say zinc and vitamin D were better than the experimental mRNA gene therapy. The FTC is charging him with fraud after he claimed "COVID-19 patients who get enough vitamin D are 52% less likely to die" and that his product, Wellness Warriors, is more effective than the vaccines.

"The defendants' claims that their products can stand in for approved COVID-19 vaccines are particularly troubling: we need to be doing everything we can to stop bogus health claims that endanger consumers," acting Chairwoman Rebecca Kelly Slaughter said.

Now that we no longer have freedom of speech in this country, when will Fauci get charged for marketing the vaccines as more effective than previous infection and masks as the single most effective tool against transmission, when a new CDC letter that has been exposed online via a FOIA request shows the agency admitting no evidence of any efficacy exists?

In reality, Nepute is correct. Vitamin D is the master key to the immune system and almost seems to be created just for this virus. Most people who get critically ill from this virus suffer from cytokine storm, in which their own immune systems attack the body because there is not enough vitamin D to regulate the immune response. This is why the elderly and dark-skinned people above the 35th parallel, who are most often vitamin D deficient, are at risk.

A massive study of 14,000 people in Israel showed that almost nobody over 60 who had sufficient vitamin D levels wound up being hospitalized from this virus. A recent study from University of Florida Gainesville found that "patients with vitamin D deficiency were 4.6 times more likely to be positive for COVID-19 than patients with no deficiency." With something as safe and effective as vitamin D, not to mention the myriad of other benefits from it, why isn't the government spending money advertising supplements the way it does experimental vaccines and masks?

What about zinc? Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of immunology or anyone who ever suffers from cold-like viruses understands that zinc is one of the most critical elements in fortifying one's immune system against the prevalence and severity of respiratory viruses. Zinc plays a major role in producing cytokines and developing B cells that play such a dominant role in killing RNA-type viruses. As Dr. Vladimir Zelenko discovered when he prescribed zinc and hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19, zinc blocks the virus from accessing the enzyme needed for viral replication. Thus, much as with vitamin D, most people who have proper levels of zinc in their cells will not have a problem with this virus.

Yet it's estimated that over 20% of people in the world are zinc deficient, particularly the elderly and especially nursing home residents, which is why most people who get seriously ill from this virus are elderly. It's the same people who are vitamin D deficient. This is why a recent study published in Science Direct (Heller, Sun, et al) found that zinc deficiency among patients first admitted to the hospital seemed "to provide the most valuable information about disease course and prognosis." They found in their sample that 73.5% of the patients who ultimately died from the virus had zinc levels below 638.7 Ug/l.

For our government to now criminalize proven preventives against this virus as trade fraud while fraudulently marketing their crony fascism as a cure after 14 months of failure is nothing short of genocide.

And where does this authority come from? Evidently, Trump and the GOP Senate passed this bill as part of the massive 2124-page omnibus bill last December. In chilling language that we now know was likely designed by the ultimate fraudsters – Big Pharma – the bill prohibits "any person, partnership, or corporation to engage in a deceptive act or practice in or affecting commerce associated with the treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation, or diagnosis of COVID–19."

Sadly, last night, Sen. Tim Scott, heralded, "Last year, under Republican leadership, we passed five bipartisan COVID packages." Bipartisan, indeed. We cannot imagine the damage to our liberties that will continue to be unearthed as a result of those bills.

Here's the tragic irony. A poll released last month by the American Psychological Association found that 48 percent of adults who have already been vaccinated still feel "uneasy" about returning to in-person interactions once the pandemic is over. If only the fraudsters in the government and medical establishment had educated these same people for 14 months about natural supplements to elevate their vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc levels and to have ivermectin on the shelf to be used at the first sign of trouble, most people would no longer fear the virus because almost nobody would die from it.

Sadly, fear is what they want. We've learned this week that Fauci and his ilk never plan to relinquish their control. The only way they can get away with promoting irrational and internally conflicting policies is by keeping the masses in a state of irrational fear. We can only take comfort in the fact that God in his heavenly court is keeping track of these atrocities and one day will punish them for committing the ultimate trade fraud.

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