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Classy Democratic strategist wants gov't to pass a law to let people punch 'piece of s**t' unvaxxed Americans in the 'godd**ned face'
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Classy Democratic strategist wants gov't to pass a law to let people punch 'piece of s**t' unvaxxed Americans in the 'godd**ned face'

Longtime advocates for liberal Democrats and left-wing policies James Carville and Al Hunt really have just had it with unvaccinated Americans.

They have no patience for fellow citizens who have elected not to get vaccinated.

And now they want the government to ban the unvaxxed from interstate travel and to enact laws that will allow the morally superior vaccinated portion of the population to engage in actual physical violence against unjabbed fellow Americans.

During the Thursday episode of their podcast "Politics War Room," Carville and Hunt admitted — and seemed to empathize with the fact — that the American population has just said "f*** it" when it comes to COVID restrictions.

But that doesn't mean they're OK with citizens being allowed to choose whether to get vaccinated.

Responding to a listener's question about President Joe Biden barring the unvaccinated from interstate travel, Hunt said he "wouldn't be against that at all."

"I’d be for it actually, as long as you put 'or testing,'" Hunt added. "Before you get on a plane or bus or interstate train, you ought to be vaccinated or tested."

He quickly added, "I don’t think the Supreme Court would allow [Biden] to do that."

Carville agreed and then offered his dream scenario: Government-endorsed violence against unvaccinated "piece of s**t" Americans.

"I wish what they’d do is pass a law to make you immune from liability if you punch some unvaccinated person right in the face, which I’d really like to do," the famous Democratic operative said.

"If you ask me what’s my first reaction to you if you’re not vaccinated and you don’t have any medical reason not to be, you’re a piece of s**t, OK?," Carville spewed. "I just want to punch you in the goddamned face."

"That’s the way I look at these people," he added.

Did Hunt try to quell Carville's crazy talk? Nope. He simply responded, "Agreed."

Content warning: rough language (relevant portion begins at the 53:03 mark)

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