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Kyle Kashuv's Harvard rejection serves as a reminder that we are locked in a cold civil war with Left America
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Kyle Kashuv's Harvard rejection serves as a reminder that we are locked in a cold civil war with Left America

This is the new USSR vs. the US

Our children are targets, and it's high time we raise them with that fact in mind.

It really does no good at this point to lament the outcome thrust upon Kyle Kashuv at Harvard. He got caught saying the nasty N-word a couple of years ago, when he was far from being a mere child, and thus has been told he doesn't get to spend the next four years at a progressive indoctrination center that hates him.

Sounds like an opportunity to me. An opportunity for all of us to get real about the world we live in and how to survive and thrive in it.

We are sadly in the midst of a cold civil war. The Left America vs. What's Left of America is the new Soviet Union vs. the U.S. If you believe in Judeo-Christian orthodoxy, or are a genuine conservative, that means putting aside the fictional belief that an equal standard of fairness will ever be applied to you in the near future when it comes to the many institutions that have been lost to godlessness.

If your 16-year-old said racist, vile, and scummy things but appeared on a political platform that promotes "pride" rather than the NRA, it's all good. Redemption is just another leftist cause promotion away. In fact, you don't require any redemption at all. You're absolved of your sins by merely being a leftist, for in leftism the only real sin is not being one.

This isn't victimology talking. Kashuv is not a victim in the victimology sense. He said those awful things and has owned up to it. I'd love it if we lived in a country where, despite our political differences, we came together when moments like this called for it and said that behavior is unacceptable for a young man and there must be consequences.

Especially since while you're a kid at 16, you're not a child. In every state in this country you're eligible to operate a motor vehicle that with one wrong choice can become an instrument of destruction. So you ought to be old enough to know there is simply never a context for such sub-human language.

However, in the purest form of the word, Kashuv is a victim. For that's not why Harvard took a pass. It's not so much concerned about protecting its integrity as much as its reputation. The latter defined as what its fellow leftists think. And we know how the "bake the cake bigot" crowd thinks. You're either a leftist or you're the other, with the other undeserving of forgiveness or dignified accommodation. You are beneath contempt. Therefore, all double-standards, and their ensuing injustices, are justified. Thus, Kashuv has really been shunned for supporting the wrong political causes, not for his wrongful behavior.

Still, all is not lost for Kashuv. If he truly desires to attend Harvard, his dream is only one gender reassignment surgery away.

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