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New poll gives good news to Biden (but how good is it?)
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New poll gives good news to Biden (but how good is it?)

Three reasons to be skeptical.

Democrats and their media pals are over the moon over a new poll out from Fox News. It’s the first since October to show President Joe Biden ahead of former President Donald Trump and comes just on the heels of the latest inside-the-Democrat-meltdown story (this time from Axios).

But is there true cause for celebration? Not really.

Trump is currently up among the voters most motivated to vote in November. That’s crucial and somewhat surprising.

Any good news is welcome news when you’re down and out, and your own team is beginning to get jittery (and back-stabby). A decent news cycle on a slow day is always nice. Any real relief, however, is more than a little premature, both in terms of the data actually hiding in the polling, and in the vindication of the Biden campaign’s strategy.

First, Trump is up in the swing states, according to an Ipsos poll also released Thursday. And not just one or two, or even four; Trump is ahead in all seven: Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. To put that in perspective, in 2020, Biden won every one of those except for North Carolina.

Heck, the Real Clear Politics average has Trump down by only 2.3 points in Minnesota. To put that in perspective, the last time Minnesota went Republican was for President Richard Nixon in 1972. The Land of 10,000 Lakes was the only state in the union to vote against President Ronald Reagan’s re-election in ’84.

Second, Trump is currently up among the voters most motivated to vote in November. That’s crucial and somewhat surprising given his historic ability to motivate Democrats to the polls, but it’s true. For all the Democratic rhetoric, voters in the swing states are worried a whole lot more about inflation, followed by immigration, in the regions Biden should be most worried about.

(Those in the White House somehow missed that memo, given the president’s Tuesday amnesty announcement. Or maybe they're just so desperate to bring Hispanic men back into the fold they’ll trade broader losses for those married to illegal immigrants.)

Then finally, there’s the Biden campaign’s entire “convicted felon” messaging. It’s been three weeks since Trump’s guilty verdict in a Manhattan court, and just a little longer since the White House began its concerted push to use those convictions to move votes. Democrats bet big on this campaign, in part because they need to.

How’s that going? With three weeks of incubation and nearly nonstop corporate coverage, we might have our answer: Three points nationally in a poll of registered voters. The news cycle moves fast, and there are few things not already baked in about the president of the free world and the most famous man in it. If this is the apex, Democrats worried about strategy shouldn’t breathe easy just yet.

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The fire rises: Blaze Original: Inside one Democrat's 20-year crusade to save the world from Anthony Fauci — Part 1: 2001-2014.

Most of us knew very little about Dr. Anthony Fauci before 2020. This new head of our national response, we were told in reports and profiles that began to appear in outlets around the country, was a brilliant AIDS doctor, an expert in infectious diseases and outbreaks. He’d know what to do. It would take years before the broader public would catch on to his lies and his games.

But there were people who knew the doctor before his big debut. Among them, Dr. Richard Ebright, a fierce critic of the Bush administration’s bioweapons program and a Biden voter who for decades tried to warn the world of the dangerous nature of Fauci’s hubris — and his research. Blaze News’ Leon Wolf reports:

For years, Ebright and Fauci carried out a silent war, waged in print, visible mostly only to members of the small community of research scientists who conduct serious chemical and biological research. Over and over again the same refrain played out: Ebright warned the public that this research was making the public less safe, and Fauci insisted it was making the public more safe.

As we know now, Ebright was almost certainly right. However, it has taken four years — thanks to the concerted efforts of Fauci and his team — for the public to slowly come around to that realization.

But to understand where we are, it is first necessary to understand how we got here.

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