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10 must-follow Twitter accounts you might not have heard of

Conservative Review

I often get asked, in this wretched era of Fake News and Self-Awareness being all but dead, where do I go for information I trust?

While the overall climate is vile, there's actually more people than you think doing some good work out there. And that's why I'd like to recognize 10 Twitter accounts you may not have heard of, whose work will make you a better-informed American.

In alphabetical order so as not to play any favorites...

The Babylon Bee

Character-for-character, this might be my favorite Twitter follow on Planet Earth at the moment. Nobody does more damage, and slays more shibboleths of the damned, in 140 characters or less than these guys. When I grow up, I want to be like them.

Michael Berry

If you're tired of people taking themselves too seriously in politics, then Berry's your guy. The Houston talk radio host frequently makes me laugh out loud with his snark, and he doesn't pull any punches.

Rukmini Callimachi

As the New York Times official ISIS correspondent, Callimachi has proven to be a solid source of information when it comes to radical Islam. So if you're a conservative looking for somebody in the mainstream media to help round out your foreign policy perspective, she's one of the best.

Jesse Colombo

For a culture dangerously ignorant of basic economics, Colombo isn't an ECON 101 class. He's kick to the shins with a steel-toed boot. No economic indicator is left behind as he analyzes—and often annihilates—our fake economy propped up by our fake monetary policy. Even if you don't always agree, Colombo is worth following just to make sure you're not missing anything.

Dan Gainor

There's a glut in the market for media watchdogs these days, what with all the low-lying fruit the industry serves up on the regular. But Gainor is relentless. His account is like the Mall of America for media bias. News media, sports media, entertainment media, you name it and he's likely lit you up for it. If you're in the media anywhere and you're biased, chances are Gainor has torn the flesh from your sorry bones.

Caleb Howe

The editor-in-chief at Red State is the sort of pesky fact-checker every movement is annoyed by, but desperately needs to keep it honest. Even better, while he takes his work seriously he doesn't take himself seriously. So even when you disagree he doesn't tend to make it personal unless you do.

Drew McCoy

A conservative who left the Republican Party before leaving the Republican Party was cool, if you think you're a critical thinker the light-hearted but brutally honest McCoy will test your inner snowflake. For he loathes everybody—especially Marco Rubio.

Jordan Schachtel 

Permit me bit of a homer pick with this one, because Schachtel works with me here at Conservative Review. However, his Twitter feed is something conservatism requires when it comes to foreign policy and national security. There are no sacred cows. No factions appeased. No dogmas stroked. Schachtel looks at foreign policy and national security strictly through a pro-American lens, and he doesn't care if that hurts your feelings.

Owen Strachan

If you're a fellow theo-nerd like myself, who also likes seeing theology applied to the most troublesome spots in the culture, than check out this systematic theology professor from Midwestern Seminary.

Sean Trende 

If you're looking for someone who does "just the facts" when it comes to election analysis, you can do a lot worse than Trende. I'm pretty sure he's not any kind of a conservative, but he is a professional. A worthy follow on polls and other election metrics, if you're looking to get outside your own home team echo chamber.

And what is the one thing all 10 of these recommended follows have in common? They seek to inform with their work and not just confirm.

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